Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Heritage Trail

Historic Kingston starts here.... a walking guide to Kingston's heritage.

First established as a private town in 1858 by statesman and benefactor George Strickland Kingston, it began as a lively settlement with first settlers Archibald and James Cooke, initiators of sea trade and instigators of a railway, further developing it.

Declared a safe harbour by the government in 1865, Kingston became a busy and bustling seaport. Adjacent Rosetown continued as a private enterprise on the northern side of Maria Creek, but eventually the townships merged into one thriving town complete with banks, hotels, commercial centre and its own court house and post office.

This heritage trail self-guided tour has been designed to provide you with some background into the significant old buildings that give Kingston its unique yet relaxed character. Don’t forget to take a moment to rest your legs and enjoy the hospitality of our eateries, shops and establishments, many of which have brought new opportunities to our historic buildings.

Download a copy of the heritage trail brochure and map here: -
Kingston Heritage Trail Brochure(428 kb)

25 sites of the Kingston Heritage Trail:

  1. Cape Jaffa Lighthouse
  2. The Lightkeeper’s Cottages
  3. The Customs and Harbourmaster’s House
  4. Site of Cooke Brothers’ Stores and the Old Wool Store
  5. The Royal Mail Hotel
  6. The Old Courthouse
  7. The Telegraph Station and Kingston Post Office
  8. The Old Gaol and Police Station
  9. Site of the Lacepede Bay Schoolroom – the Kingston School
  10. The Old Bank House
  11. JJ Jarmin’s Sawmill Complex
  12. Vine Cottage
  13. Otter House
  14. The Anglican Church
  15. The Uniting Church
  16. The Kingston School
  17. Site of the Lacepede Bay Institute Hall
  18. Site of Paterson’s Store
  19. The Crown Inn Hotel
  20. Site of the Kingston Arms Hotel
  21. Dudley Bridge
  22. Site of the Pinkerton Butchery
  23. Site of the Kingston-Naracoorte Railway and the Stationmaster’s House
  24. The Old Council Chambers
  25. Site of the McCheyne Free Presbyterian Church


A collaborative project between the Kingston District Council and the Kingston Branch of the National Trust of South Australia.
Sources of information regarding the heritage sites were many, including, primarily,

• DUNN, Marie: “A Man’s Reach” (1969)
• BELL, P & MARSDEN, S: “Kingston Heritage Survey” (2007)