Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

District Hall


Equipment for Hire


Hire Fee
(inc GST)

Crockery/Cutlery (per 50 items)   $8.10
Trestles (per day, ie 24 hours)   $13.60
Trestles (per weekend)   $21.40
Chairs   $0.80

Hall Hire

Cleaning Bond

(per day)

Wood Hut Room Only   $37.60
Supper Room Only $50.00 $60.50
Supper Room Only (With Alcohol Served) $300.00 $121.30
Kitchen & Supper Room $50.00 $90.90
Kitchen & Supper Room (with Alcohol Served) $300.00 $182.00
Main Hall Only $70.00 $121.30
Main Hall Only (with Alcohol Served) $350.00 $212.20
Whole Complex $150.00 $182.00
Whole Complex (with Alcohol Served) $400.00 $272.90
Rehearsals - per usage   $15.10

** All Hall Hire Rates are per day
** Cleaning Bonds are per hire

Kingston District Hall Hire Permit - 2019/20(94 kb)

Payment of Bond & Hire Fees

  1. Cleaning Bond to be paid on all Hall Hire. Where concessions are granted on Hire Fees, the cleaning bond must still be paid prior to collection of keys.
  2. Cleaning Bond and Hire Fees to be paid prior to collection of keys.