Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Fire Prevention

Fire Danger Season

22 November 2019 - 30 April 2020

Community Fire Safety is a Bushfire Prevention Program for residents of high risk areas. Fuel reduction is one of the most important preparations you can undertake. In the coming weeks we will see the curing of understorey grasses, scrubland and forestry areas so good fuel reductions requires the removal of dead branches, undergrowth, the pruning of low tree limbs and the cutting of long grass within 20 metres of your home. The following are minimum recommendations for fuel hazard reduction, required to be completed prior to the curing of grasses:-

  • For allotments 0.5 hectare or less in size
    By mowing, slashing or grazing all undergrowth to a maximum height of 10cm
  • For allotments greater than 0.50 hectares in size
    By mowing, slashing or grazing to a maximum height of 10cm, all undergrowth in a strip 5 metres wide, as near as practible to the perimeter of the allotment, and all undergrowth within 20 metres of a dwelling.

These standards should be maintained throughout the Fire Danger Season.

Native vegetation is protected under the Native Vegetation Act 1991. The Act provides exemptions along property boundaries and around dwellings. You are requested however to avoid any excess removal of native vegetation and you should seek advice from the Native Vegetation Council on 08 8303 9777 for advice.

Council undertakes regular assessment of properties, this will commence October 2019. Should it be noted that fuel hazard reductions work has not been addressed on your property, notice is hereby given that Council's Fire Prevention Officer may enter a property and issue an order against you as the owner and if necessary undertake the required maintenance at your expense. An expiation notice of $315.00 may be issued for non compliance with the notice.

If you have any questions regarding bushfire prevention please contact Council's Fire Prevention Team on 8767 2033.

2019/20 Fire Information Brochure(175 kb)

Involve Your Kids - Bushfire Survival Planning(4010 kb)


For further information on fire prevention and the fire danger season, please visit:

Country Fire Service

South Australian Police




New provisions in the Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016 aim to minimise smoke impacts in populated areas by providing stronger controls on burning in built-up areas where more people are exposed, and apply year-round.  These new laws operate alongside existing laws that apply during the Fire Danger Season under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005.

If you live INSIDE the Kingston SE or Cape Jaffa townships you can only burn when it is for:

- Preparation of food or beverages where the size of the fire and fuel are appropriate for that purpose.

- Heating an outdoor area using brazier, chiminea or fire pit – charcoal only.

- Fire prevention or control (vegetation) – requires Council approval (permit or notice).

- Disposal of agricultural or forestry waste (vegetation) – requires Council approval (permit or notice).

- Other – requires Council approval (permit or notice).

If you live OUTSIDE of townships, you can:

- Use a fire for the preparation of food or beverages.

- Use a brazier, chiminea or fire pit for outdoor domestic heating.

- Campfire.

- Burn agricultural or forestry waste (vegetation) – must comply with relevant CFS Code of Practice.

- Burn off for bushfire hazard reduction (vegetation) – must comply with relevant CFS Code of Practice.

If you need to use fire in the open air during the Fire Danger Period or on a day of Total Fire Ban you may require a separate permit under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005.  Where a permit is issued under the Fire and Emergency Services Act the Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016 does not apply.

If you are unsure, please check with the Council before you burn to determine if you are able to burn or require a permit to burn. 

Application for Permit for Burning in the Open(510 kb)

Township Boundary - Kingston(17813 kb)

Township Boundary - Cape Jaffa(19170 kb)