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Development Applications

When is an application required?

An application must be lodged every time you wish to undertake development. Development is defined in the legislation and refers to a wide range of activities associated with building work, changes in land use, advertising displays, and land and strata division. It can be a quite simple domestic structure or a complex major commercial project, but an application is necessary in either case.

Some forms of minor activity and structures are actually excempt from this definition of development and consequently do not require approval. These, however, are the exception rather than the rule and the situation can change depending upon geographic location or the actual nature of work being undertaken. As a general rule, any struture that is within the prescribed setback distances, or more than 10 square metres in area, or over 2.5 metres in height, or has a span greater than 3 metres, or adjoins an existing building, calls for an application.

The best way to find out if you need an approval for your proposal is to inquire at the Council office and seek clarification as to what may be involved.

How long will approval take?

Approval for Development Applications not requiring approval by the Development Assessment Panel usually take up to 3 weeks to process (providing that required information has been submitted).

Applications that do not fall within the guidelines may be submitted to the Development Assessment Panel at the discression of the Senior Development Compliance Officer. Meetings of the Panel occur once a month in the Council Chambers. The public are welcome to attend the meetings.

Non-complying developments or Category 2 or 3 developments require Council to undertake public consultation and may take up to 3 months for approval.

Development Plan

To view council's development plan please click here.


Development Application Form 2019-20(246 kb)

Application for an Extension of Time(144 kb)

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On-Site Wastewater Works Application(42 kb)

Cape Jaffa Fees & Charges 2019/20(253 kb)

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Tax Implications for Development

For every property transaction you make, there may be a tax consideration.

To determine your GST obligations, refer to the, GST and Property Guide at